Best Adult Toys for the Month

Posted on Feb 26, 2013

Here is another of the stories telling you about the success of the Icicles, one of our most favored and usually out-of-stock products. It is good to see and know that there are other people that are interested in getting to know about interesting and alternative products. The Icicles has always been in demand and people finally fall in the product that they receive from us.

What has made our Icicles so favored is that they are made of Pyrex which enables it high resistance against breaking. Being made of Pyrex, the Icicles never breaks as the molecular structure of Pyrex holds it together and if it breaks (though in rare circumstances), it does not shatter as regular glass does. If it breaks, it is in large chunks of glass that are not small and sharp pieces which might harm anyone. Therefore, our Icicles are safe all the way.

However, there is another thing that makes Icicles 18 a favored object. The multi-functional glass massager has the tendency to satisfy anyone with the raised bumps across the base. Moreover, any of its ends can be used for penetration, each having the capability to provide a different sensation. It is perfect for the G-spot stimulation as the curved shaft provides this ability to go all the way up. Those couples that have been using this product are dying to give a positive review to all those looking for a great product.

In addition to the Icicles and other glass toys, another thing that is sure to blow your mind out is the Shock Therapy device. This device provides hands-free orgasm through electrosex. You might have used Shock Therapy devices to release the tensions off your tired back and shoulders but have you ever taken it to the bathroom? Well it is time now. The Shock Therapy device is a muscle massager which if used on a low pulsating speed can put you to sleep.

You can now use the Shock Therapy device for your sexual experiments. You can use it as an instrument of foreplay with the settings set on low. Increasing the speed only a little bit would make your juices flow well. And when set at the highest level, it can simply push the pedal and provide the maximum pleasure.

Moreover, the Shock Therapy device is not only useful but reliable as well. The batteries of the device last long while the pads that adhere to the device work well and for long if good care are taken.

Another of our products, Wartenberg Wheel has been getting rave reviews from users. Having petite and short teeth instead of the standard spikes, the pinwheel provides a tickly type of sensation when used across the tender areas. Thus, more and more people are successfully satisfying their urge to try something different and sometimes even sinister things. However, all are products are safe and assure reliability on account of pain or any similar feeling. Instead, all our products provide the ultimate in sexual experiences.

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Fifty Shdes style Bedroom Entertainment

Posted on Feb 26, 2013

It is true that our line of products, bear some inspiration from the Fifty Shades but the similarity is till there only and now beyond. There are other sources of hot and kinky entertainment which all of you might know of.

Writer Mary Gaitskill was previously a call girl and stripper before turning a writer. She has penned topics such as addiction, prostitution and sadomasochism in short stories and presented it as Bad Behavior, her collection of stories. While the topics are dark and present the other side of human behavior, Mary, has been able to put in a sense of humor even in the darkest of situations and portrayed the dark issues with honesty, for which she is applauded and appreciated.

The New York Times quoted that Gaitskill’s writing is real as she puts in so many details and writes with such authority that no situation seems to be unreal, no matter how extreme it might seem. It does not seem that this is her debut writing venture as the stories are compelling, straightforward and uncompromised on aspects like sentimentality and charm.

One of the stories from Mary’s anthology of the same name, Secretary that has been made into a film is a complete entertainer. The film stars James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal and is based on a story in which Lee, who is a socially awkward person and is released from a psych hospital. She later finds a job with lawyer E. Edward Grey and works with him as his secretary. Edward is shown arousing by her submissive behavior.

The film then shows the relationship between the lawyer and her secretary with all sorts of workplace relationship and sex; including the bathroom stall masturbation and over-the-desk spanks. The film is truly HOT! It has also won a Golden Globe nomination for the Best Actress and the Super Jury Prize for Originality at the Sundance Film Festival.

For those looking for more sex and less kink, Shortbus from John Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig and the Angry Inch), the cult filmmaker, is the best option. The film revolves around the sexual difficulties faced by different couples who then meet at a sex/art salon. The film portrays a lot of sex and is said to be based on the sexual and artistic gatherings in New York City. So, it is entertainment beyond Fifty Shades and you are bound to connect these acts with something or someone.

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How to Ensure That Your Partner Is Not Faking It

Posted on Feb 09, 2013

It is a fact that men and women both fake their orgasms. As per a study conducted in the UK, more than 80% of the women faked their orgasms while for men the percentage stood at 31. This high percentage of fake coming is evident of the fact that something is amiss. The partners are not satisfied with each other and therefore need to bring a spark to their sex life. Here are some ways that can help you get to the highest level of ecstasy without having to fake it.


Although the complete act of sex has its importance, it is the foreplay that needs to be focused upon more. At times, it is the foreplay that becomes more important. A person might not just be riled up with a stick and a poke but need something more. So, go ahead and try the sultry and sensual massage to calm the wrecked nerves and help them loosen up. You can use our flavored and warm massage lotion, Liquid Love to achieve your mission. With the lotion in hand, you can use not just your fingers and tongue to spike up your partner, but also use your imagination to rub the kinks and knots away. However, you must keep in mind that all lotions and lubes must always be used only topically and not internally. Alternatively, you can also use teasing as a method to rig your partner.


It is also seen that not every one is able to achieve the highest level of orgasm by penetration alone. What they need is clitoral stimulation to reach the highest level and a genuine climax. However, if you are not aware of what and where this is, it is advised that you ask.


You can also talk to your partner while the foreplay goes on. Communication between the two of you helps to understand what your partner is seeking. You can go for some dirty talk or if you find that a little awkward, you can try the ‘Erotic Dice’ that glows in the dark. You can also try the Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Dice to spike up your partner. These dice would help you overcome the embarrassment or anxiety and guide you to the best orgasm you might have ever had.


You can use some of our other toys to have the best time of your life. You can use the Wanachi massagers that not only fit perfectly but also offer the ability to incorporate a buzz with simultaneous penetrating. You can find our massagers with varying degrees of vibrations. Each of our massagers has large handles so that you can grip them easily even when the romping is intense. You can even try the waterproof type of massager for a steamy shower.


These and many more toys in our collection like the ‘Mini Wanachi’ or the WOW! No. 4 will be able to help you make your partner scream with joy. So, from now, they need not fake it but have a complete and thrilling climax.

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Always Practice Safe Sex with Our Kinky & Fun Tips

Posted on Jan 28, 2013

No matter what the time is or who your partner is, safe sex is one thing that you should never ignore and this applies even if you are using your hand. Unsafe sex, has long been turned down due to reasons known to everybody. So, whether you are having fun with a new friend or an old pal, safe sex is advised at all times.


Do not think that protection is always ugly as the consequences of unsafe sex can be even uglier. However, now with our Rubba Wear Latex Gloves, even protection can be sexy. Our gloves serve multiple purposes when you are handling the most intricate and pleasurable parts of your partner. Not only do they save the skin from being cut with your fingernails but they also act as a barrier to STIs and reduce their chances of being spread. You can even protect your own hands from being cut. Another benefit that you get by wearing gloves is that the lube that you use stays on longer, keeping you wetter for a longer time. However, you must not forget to change the gloves every time you have sex not only with a new partner but also while going from vaginal to anal hole and vice versa.


Condoms have been touted as one of the ways for safe sex and now with the Glow in the Dark Condoms you can turn on your light saber. It is not necessary that you use the condoms only on body parts but you may use them on the toys as well if you are sharing them. This applies especially to dongs for strap-ons and you must protect them as well by putting condoms on them.


Another great way to tango is by mutual masturbation. It is not only the least risky method but also provides great space for communication. You can use our Fetish Fantasy Series Bedroom Bondage Kit to test your senses while exploring the canals and curves of each other. Our kit includes wrist restraints, ankle straps and a satin mask that help you hand over yourself to your partner and get lost in his/her guidance.


Those of you who have a P-spot can also try our P-spot stimulator to have adventures with their partner. The green Neon Luv Touch P-Spot Stimulator is the best thing to compliment the Glow in the Dark condoms.


Those who have a G-Spot, the No.16 of the Icicles line, the first vibrating glass rabbit is the best thing. You can experience enhanced sensation with the glass rabbit as it is designed to have a textured design with the shaft being curved cleverly to reach the G-Spot accurately. When you switch the rabbit on, you can experience thrilling vibes in your clit as the rabbit’s ears vibrate. This would free your partner’s hands while he may explore other sensual areas of the body taking you both to the gushing and thrilling climax. So, try out our toys not just only for unexplained pleasure but also to have safe sex.

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Sex Toys Buying Guide

Posted on Sep 06, 2012

We all need a sex life. So to complement the wide variety of sexual tastes, there are also a wide variety of sex toys and accessories. My guess is that if you are here checking out this buyer’s guide, you’re new to the idea of incorporating sex toys into your bedroom fun. Whether you are in a relationship or flying solo, this information will help you find the toy that is right for you.


Dildos are your basic sex toys. Unlike vibrators, dildos (also known as dongs) generally don’t have any motors inside and therefore don’t vibrate.  As you can imagine, they come in many shapes and sizes. Some are phallic (shaped like a penis) and others more discreet in their shape. Some are small and they continue up in size until you get into the really large category.

Some dildos have suction cup bases so they stay in place during ‘sexy time.’ Others are double ended so that they can be used by lesbians or for simultaneous double penetration (vaginal and anal). Dildos are also a favorite among gay men as they generally have no added clitoral stimulators.


Vibrators are generally grouped into different classifications because they have different features and therefore different benefits. Here’s the breakdown.

Traditional Vibrators
Traditional vibrators are great ‘starter’ toys because they are generally simple and to the point. They may or not be phallic and can generally be used internally or externally. The sizes vary greatly depending on the intended use. If they are designed for internal stimulation, they are generally cylindrical with some kind of control for the vibration. Although there are rechargeable vibrators on the market, most are battery operated.

Clitoral Vibrators
Clitoral stimulators tend to be smaller and more discreet and are designed for external clitoral stimulation. But don’t the size fool you, good things come in small packages and these toys are generally pretty powerful. They come in all kinds of shapes. Some are wireless and some have cords that attached to the battery pack. I’m sure that you’ve heard of the bullet or egg — these have long been favorites of women throughout the world.

Clitoral simulators are also great toys for couples. Men are generally not intimidated by them and they provide the added clitoral stimulation that so many women need to orgasm.  

Dual-Action Vibrators
Dual action vibrators provide simultaneous internal and clitoral stimulation. There is generally some kind of attachment on the shaft that is designed to add clitoral simulation. If you watch Sex in the City then you’ve probably seen the rabbit vibe. That’s the one that Charlotte got addicted to.

The rabbits are the most well known dual-action vibrators, but they are many different versions. The iRide vibrator is the newest toy to expand on the concept and so far, the reviews have been great.

G-Spot Vibrators
G-spot vibrators are designed to stimulate a woman’s Gräfenberg Spot (named after the scientist who discovered named it). The tip of a G-spot vibrator is angled to stimulate this magical spot which is located on the front wall of a woman’s vagina about two inches in. Some people call the G-spot the UFO of women’s body parts because they know it’s there but it is very elusive. These toys will help you explore and enjoy the ultimate orgasm.

Male Masturbation Sleeves

Male masturbation sleeves are designed to mimic vaginal or anal penetration and oral sex depending on which model you buy. The sleeves are generally made with a soft, flexible material that feels like the real thing. The opening of the sleeves are generally molded to be lips, a vagina or an anus depending on  your preference.

In addition to masturbation, these sleeves are used by couples as intercourse bumper to prevent penetration from going to deep and becoming painful. Women also use them at the end of oral sex because these sleeves will ‘swallow’ if she doesn’t want to.

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are air-tight cylinders that are placed over the penis. Using the attached pumping mechanism, air is drawn out of the cylinder to create a vacuum inside. This pressure increases blood volume in the penis creating a fuller, more erect penis.

Anal Toys and Plugs

Anal plugs and toys are designed for internal anal pleasure. Butt plugs are usually shaped with a tip and tapered end so that they can stay inserted. Anal toys and vibrators come in different shapes and sizes but if you’re new to anal play, you start small and work your way up. The three most important things you’ll need to enjoy anal sex are lube, lube and more lube!

Couples’ Toys

Couples toys are designed to please both partners and come in all different shapes and sizes, and are used in different ways. Cock rings are generally applied to the man and offer clitoral stimulation during intercourse. The We Vibe is a unique vibrator that is worn while making love. One portion goes inside the vagina for internal stimulation for both partners while the other portion remains outside for clitoral stimulation for her.


There are a variety of different types of lubricants. Which one is right for you? 
Choosing the right lubricant will ensure the most comfortable sexual experience for you while at the same time preserving the life of your sex toys. The following is just “the basics” for selecting a lubricant; refer to all of the lubricants Xandria sells for more information on each type. 

Does the type of lube make a difference? 
The answer is yes – selecting the right lubricant for your needs and your toy’s needs is essential. Depending on the material your toy is made of, choosing the wrong lubricant can actually damage your toy. Water-based lubricants are ideal for use with any sex toy. Silicone lubricants should not be used on silicone or Cyberskin toys – the combination might actually cause your toy to melt or misshapen. Petroleum or oil-based lubes should not be used in the vagina to prevent the growth of the bacteria that causes yeast infections. 

You’ve made your choice; now what?
Before using a lubricant for the first time, you should test a small amount – for example, a pea-sized drop – by applying it directly to the toy as well as to your own skin to see if there is a reaction. If there are no side effects, you will definitely want to coat both the lubricant and yourself before inserting the toy. This is especially important for products entering the anus. Add more lube when needed during your sex play. One neat thing about water-based lubricants is it can be reactivated by just a small amount of water. Some men and women keep a small spray water bottle by their bedside for this purpose. 

All done, what’s next?
Most lubes, especially water-based ones, will wipe off your body easily with only a damp cloth. To clean your toy, wipe off any excess lubricant and then clean your toy as usual.

For more information

We could not possibly cover all of our products in this guide. If you have questions about a specific product or just need more information, please call one of our friendly customer care representatives.
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