How to Ensure That Your Partner Is Not Faking It

Posted on Feb 09, 2013

It is a fact that men and women both fake their orgasms. As per a study conducted in the UK, more than 80% of the women faked their orgasms while for men the percentage stood at 31. This high percentage of fake coming is evident of the fact that something is amiss. The partners are not satisfied with each other and therefore need to bring a spark to their sex life. Here are some ways that can help you get to the highest level of ecstasy without having to fake it.


Although the complete act of sex has its importance, it is the foreplay that needs to be focused upon more. At times, it is the foreplay that becomes more important. A person might not just be riled up with a stick and a poke but need something more. So, go ahead and try the sultry and sensual massage to calm the wrecked nerves and help them loosen up. You can use our flavored and warm massage lotion, Liquid Love to achieve your mission. With the lotion in hand, you can use not just your fingers and tongue to spike up your partner, but also use your imagination to rub the kinks and knots away. However, you must keep in mind that all lotions and lubes must always be used only topically and not internally. Alternatively, you can also use teasing as a method to rig your partner.


It is also seen that not every one is able to achieve the highest level of orgasm by penetration alone. What they need is clitoral stimulation to reach the highest level and a genuine climax. However, if you are not aware of what and where this is, it is advised that you ask.


You can also talk to your partner while the foreplay goes on. Communication between the two of you helps to understand what your partner is seeking. You can go for some dirty talk or if you find that a little awkward, you can try the ‘Erotic Dice’ that glows in the dark. You can also try the Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Dice to spike up your partner. These dice would help you overcome the embarrassment or anxiety and guide you to the best orgasm you might have ever had.


You can use some of our other toys to have the best time of your life. You can use the Wanachi massagers that not only fit perfectly but also offer the ability to incorporate a buzz with simultaneous penetrating. You can find our massagers with varying degrees of vibrations. Each of our massagers has large handles so that you can grip them easily even when the romping is intense. You can even try the waterproof type of massager for a steamy shower.


These and many more toys in our collection like the ‘Mini Wanachi’ or the WOW! No. 4 will be able to help you make your partner scream with joy. So, from now, they need not fake it but have a complete and thrilling climax.