Fifty Shdes style Bedroom Entertainment

Posted on Feb 26, 2013

It is true that our line of products, bear some inspiration from the Fifty Shades but the similarity is till there only and now beyond. There are other sources of hot and kinky entertainment which all of you might know of.

Writer Mary Gaitskill was previously a call girl and stripper before turning a writer. She has penned topics such as addiction, prostitution and sadomasochism in short stories and presented it as Bad Behavior, her collection of stories. While the topics are dark and present the other side of human behavior, Mary, has been able to put in a sense of humor even in the darkest of situations and portrayed the dark issues with honesty, for which she is applauded and appreciated.

The New York Times quoted that Gaitskill’s writing is real as she puts in so many details and writes with such authority that no situation seems to be unreal, no matter how extreme it might seem. It does not seem that this is her debut writing venture as the stories are compelling, straightforward and uncompromised on aspects like sentimentality and charm.

One of the stories from Mary’s anthology of the same name, Secretary that has been made into a film is a complete entertainer. The film stars James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal and is based on a story in which Lee, who is a socially awkward person and is released from a psych hospital. She later finds a job with lawyer E. Edward Grey and works with him as his secretary. Edward is shown arousing by her submissive behavior.

The film then shows the relationship between the lawyer and her secretary with all sorts of workplace relationship and sex; including the bathroom stall masturbation and over-the-desk spanks. The film is truly HOT! It has also won a Golden Globe nomination for the Best Actress and the Super Jury Prize for Originality at the Sundance Film Festival.

For those looking for more sex and less kink, Shortbus from John Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig and the Angry Inch), the cult filmmaker, is the best option. The film revolves around the sexual difficulties faced by different couples who then meet at a sex/art salon. The film portrays a lot of sex and is said to be based on the sexual and artistic gatherings in New York City. So, it is entertainment beyond Fifty Shades and you are bound to connect these acts with something or someone.