Best Adult Toys for the Month

Posted on Feb 26, 2013

Here is another of the stories telling you about the success of the Icicles, one of our most favored and usually out-of-stock products. It is good to see and know that there are other people that are interested in getting to know about interesting and alternative products. The Icicles has always been in demand and people finally fall in the product that they receive from us.

What has made our Icicles so favored is that they are made of Pyrex which enables it high resistance against breaking. Being made of Pyrex, the Icicles never breaks as the molecular structure of Pyrex holds it together and if it breaks (though in rare circumstances), it does not shatter as regular glass does. If it breaks, it is in large chunks of glass that are not small and sharp pieces which might harm anyone. Therefore, our Icicles are safe all the way.

However, there is another thing that makes Icicles 18 a favored object. The multi-functional glass massager has the tendency to satisfy anyone with the raised bumps across the base. Moreover, any of its ends can be used for penetration, each having the capability to provide a different sensation. It is perfect for the G-spot stimulation as the curved shaft provides this ability to go all the way up. Those couples that have been using this product are dying to give a positive review to all those looking for a great product.

In addition to the Icicles and other glass toys, another thing that is sure to blow your mind out is the Shock Therapy device. This device provides hands-free orgasm through electrosex. You might have used Shock Therapy devices to release the tensions off your tired back and shoulders but have you ever taken it to the bathroom? Well it is time now. The Shock Therapy device is a muscle massager which if used on a low pulsating speed can put you to sleep.

You can now use the Shock Therapy device for your sexual experiments. You can use it as an instrument of foreplay with the settings set on low. Increasing the speed only a little bit would make your juices flow well. And when set at the highest level, it can simply push the pedal and provide the maximum pleasure.

Moreover, the Shock Therapy device is not only useful but reliable as well. The batteries of the device last long while the pads that adhere to the device work well and for long if good care are taken.

Another of our products, Wartenberg Wheel has been getting rave reviews from users. Having petite and short teeth instead of the standard spikes, the pinwheel provides a tickly type of sensation when used across the tender areas. Thus, more and more people are successfully satisfying their urge to try something different and sometimes even sinister things. However, all are products are safe and assure reliability on account of pain or any similar feeling. Instead, all our products provide the ultimate in sexual experiences.