Edible Massage Candle

By Earthly Body

$26.95 $18.95

Sale Picture of Edible Massage Candle

Name : Edible Massage Candle
Vendor : Earthly Body
Grape Flavoured - 113 g
The sexy fun heart-candle that's (by the way) great skincare. Drizzle this warm massage oil straight out of the tin and onto the skin! Made with 7 natural oils, light it up and pour it on. Good tasting and great on the skin. Earthly Body's 3-in-1 massage candles are an aroma candle, a warm moisturiser and massage oil, all in one. Once lit, the candle melts into a warm massage oil and moisturiser ready to apply. The oil is smooth and penetrates the skin slowly, leaving you deeply moisturised. Earthy Body's 3-in-1 massage candles are 100% natural, made with soy, hemp, avocado and vitamin E oils.

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