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Vendor : Adam & Eve
Red/Black Whip
Whip your lover into shape with this sexy and stylish whip! A&E's Scarlet Beat Me Please Whipp is your ticket to bondage bliss. The woven red and black diamond-patterned 6'' handle fits perfectly in your hand, so every stroke of dozens of 14'' vegan leather strips will land just where you want. A wrist loop keeps your whip secure during the wildest bondage play sessions.

- Red and black bondage whip
- Made from vegan leather
- 14'' long red and black vegan leather strips
- Woven diamond-patterned 6'' handle
- 7'' long wrist loop

Deliver a kiss of pleasure or a sting of excitement with A&E's Scarlet Beat Me Please Whip! This beautiful whip may just become the crown jewel of your toy box. The Beat Me Please Whip's stylish red and black design is eye-catching and so effective. Whether you want to reward your favourite 'pet' with gentle strokes from the whip's supple vegan leather strips, or you want to dole out punishment with a flick of your wrist, this whip will get you both gasping with pleasure!

To use A&E's Scarlet Beat Me Please Whip, just put the loop around your wrist for extra security and grasp the handle. At a firm 1'' wide and made with textured woven red and black vegan leather strips, it remains easy to grip even when your hands might be slippery.

This gorgeous whip is a great bondage sex toy for playing hard or playing soft. Try teasing your lover by slowly trailing the supple strips across their most sensitive spots. Then flick your wrist to let the whip give your lover's skin a gentle kiss. And if your lover has been naughty? Use a little more speed and power in your swing.

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