Swingers - Female Confidential

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Name : Swingers - Female Confidential
Vendor : Assorted
By Ashley Lister
Intimate confessions from female swingers.
In a frank and fascinating expose of female involvement in the swinging scene, Ashley Lister sets out to find answers to this tantalising question. After meeting and corresponding with female swingers from all over the UK, he reveals the sometimes shocking attitudes and secret lives of women at the forefront of today's recreational sex scene.

This is the first ever book devoted exclusively to the subject of Britain's female swingers and includes authentic confessions from a wide spectrum of women - from young party-loving students to outwardly conservative middle-aged professionals. As these women speak candidly about what they do, who they do it with and how they feel about their unconventional sex lives, they offer an unparalleled insight into modern female sexuality.

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