The Private Undoing Of A Public Servant

By Black Lace

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Name : The Private Undoing Of A Public Servant
Vendor : Black Lace
By Leonie Martel
Kirsten Caine, femme fatale and sexual subversive, 40, is an uncompromising deviant. She exacts her pleasures through the disciplinary art of male humiliation, where attention to aesthetic detail is lovingly realised and punishment is not given lightly.

Simon Charlesworth cabinet minister, 53, is undergoing a crisis. Party politics, domestic routine and thoughts of morality have recently begun to crush his soul and he hungers for authentic experience and excitement - but he doesn't yet know what form this might take.

When these two very different personalities meet by chance one evening in a bar in Victoria Station, London, the wheels are set in motion for a descent into sexual excess and en exploration of the human condition at its most primal. Through a series of humiliating and extreme adventures Charlesworth reaches for the oblivion of erotic ecstasy. But there is a price to pay - a price that sees him undone by his own desire.

This is a rare thing - a modern erotic novel that explores the psychology of a deviant female. Like an inverse Story of O, The Private Undoing of a Public Servant tells the shocking story of male sexual submission at the hands of beautiful dominant women.

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