The Society Of Sin

By Black Lace

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Name : The Society Of Sin
Vendor : Black Lace
By Sian Lacey Taylder
She was the anithesis of Victorian womanhood: she put the fear of God into those who came close to her and involved the wrath of all that was decent and upstanding. But Lady P would stop at nothing in righting the wrongs that society had inflicted upon her. Having dispatched her parents and siblings she took possession of the family estate in Dorset and created a den of decadence within its dangerous walls.

And into her web she draws the demure Miss Charlotte Crowsettle, a governess whose innocent exterior belies a turbulent, perhaps shameful history; a young lady whose curiosity; once aroused, must be satiated to its full. Charlotte is introduced to every vice their imaginations can conjure. She longs to be admitted to Lady P's elite circle of friends, the Society of Sin, a company of women dedicated to hedonism in its every manifestation. But when her initiation is imminent, curiosity leads Charlotte into one temptation too far.

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