Wing Of Madness

By Black Lace

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Name : Wing Of Madness
Vendor : Black Lace
By Mae Nixon
Claire has always sought and found safety in the comfortable world of academia. And yet she wrestles with an overactive imagination at odds with her professional life and public persona. So when she is seduced by the mysterious and charismatic Jim, she finds a guide to a sensual journey where desire quickly overtakes caution. Unravelling herself, she goes deep to where her darkest fantasies await his touch - a touch that will bring them to life. Fantasies that involve surrendering to this man, totally. To be his to enjoy for pleasure or sensual punishment. She has long suppressed a craving for both but could never have guessed how far her erotic nature extends. Before long, the only thing she knows with absolute certainty is that she never wants it to stop...

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