With Angels and Furies

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Name : With Angels and Furies
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By John Sam Jones
Gwion, Gareth and Beth-Ann are three flatmates in a university town called Deefordbridge - Pontrhydydyfrdwy - on the Welsh borders but, as the novel begins, Gqion and Gareth are both reeling from a big bust-up. In the days that follow, dark-haired student Gwion undertakes a journey of rediscovery into his disturbed past. A chance sexual encounter with a boy in the bushes and a lusty night with an old lover cause Gwion's boyfriend Gareth, a harp - and rugby - playing social worker, also to redefine his priorities. Meanwhile their American flatmate Beth-Ann (who has changed her name to the more Welsh ''Bethan'') welcomes her visiting lesbian mother.

All this would be more than enough chaos under normal circumstances, but the town currently is being plagued by a rash of homophobic assaults and even an anti-gay bomb threat. As Deefordbridge simmers, all three main characters wrestle with the demons and angels of their respective pasts, presents and futures. And they have yet to reckon with the ripe appeal of Ben Llewellyn, a young man who provides a peculiar link between Gwion, Gareth and Beth-Ann...

A lyrical, entrancing novel that celebrates the Welsh landscape and the ambiguities of the human condition.

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